Lending Park

Interest And Fees

Risk Category Low Risk Moderate Risk Moderately High Risk High Risk
Interest Range 14% - 17.9% 18% - 21.9% 22% - 26.9% 27% and above
Processing Fees 3.50% 4% 5.00% 6.50%

Borrower Registration Fee - We charge a one-time non-refundable fee of Rs. 500 as registration fee.

Penal Charges - If EMIs are not paid within the due date, penal charges of 40% p.a. on the overdue EMI amount are applicable over and above Rs. 500 as collection charge.

Cheque Bounce Charges - Rs. 500 is charged in case of any cheque bounce.

Legal Notice Charges - Rs. 500 on issuance of any legal notice arising out of breach of loan terms and covenants.

Loan Foreclosure Charges - After paying EMI for 3 months, loan can be fully foreclosed without any charges.

Platform Collection Charges - Rs. 500 as collection charge for any delayed EMI

GST of 18% is applicable on all fees and charges.